Construction Management


CREATE VALUE and AVOID RISKS, by coordinating and aligning the construction solutions with the financial goals

The Construction Management area PLANS, MANAGES and CONTROLS all the technical and financial resources involved in each and every stage of the construction cycle.

• Time and costs planning
• Management of construction offers
• Risk assessment and control
• Cost control
• Project control
• Management of licenses and authorizations
• Supervision of the works
• Commissioning and final acceptance

We also have an unyielding commitment to health and safety. We ensure that our personnel operate in a safe and healthy work environment wherever we have a presence.

Project Planning & Scheduling

Ensuring the project success before it begins. Our final goal is to guarantee the DEADLINE, COST and QUALITY, setting realistic goals, both in terms of deadlines and total investment.

Project Estimating

With customized management for architectural projects, we oversee the development of every type of construction, and we provide innovative, highly effective, and sustainable solutions for investors, developers, and owners.

Project Cost Control

We’re one of the fewest leading project management and construction companies with large experience in Africa.

 “Our company is known for our ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and budget”


Project Monitoring

Ensure to our customers that systems are in place and controlling weekly and monthly objectives being able to anticipate possible problems and difficulties, identifying economic consequences at early stages.

Project Audit

Mitigate financial, operational and delivery risks.      

• Reconciling progress and project billings
• Identifying the cost of work
• Verifying the change order approval process
• Confirming equipment and materials procured
• Verifying milestones and time commitments are met
• Verifying quality and performance guarantees are met