To bring efficient solutions and added value to our projects

Our company always looks for synergies and specialized teams that share our vision, understand our business in the key areas of interior design, logistics and education.

Deliver the best design and quality standards adapted to projects budget.


Team of interior designers  and professionals of great experience, supported by the Architecture and Engineering departments, and orientated to provide the client with personalized and integrated solutions adapted to their needs .


“Each design is developed in a careful and differentiated way,

according to the  parameters of excellence, the

standards and optimum quality required for each project.”




Taking charge of official distribution of interior design products that can range from high-end decorations, classics, and contemporary up to more innovative market designs.

 “A network of providers has been established to acquire and

distribute unique pieces to any part of the world”



Specialized team in supply chain management, receiving products from factories and suppliers, ensuring tight control on delivery dates, organizing shipments and  managing customs clearances



Residential: Specialized in Turnkey Solutions projects covering different decorative styles like high-end decorations, contemporary and classical styles, and functional designs, appropriate to the needs of each client.

Commercial: Our designers work  together with the engineers to create dynamic and attractive spaces that generate a stimulating, serene and respectful atmosphere with the environment.

Hotels, Restaurants and Community Spaces: Our team has the capacity to develop Turn Key projects and to remodel and redesign certain sections of already existing hotels or restaurants offering equally the same personalized attention. Styles include classical, exclusive, contemporary, modern and traditional, and each one of them designed to  emulate elegance and unicity.



Design and build Education projects requires specialists ensuring our projects are fully adapted to our public and private customers’ requirements and vision

StoneHill Education is an international education company specialized in building, consulting and managing world-class educational institutions.


Be responsive and have access in short time to the best  and most adapted equipment and machinery in our industry.

General Leasing Corporate was born with the objective of being the first rent and leasing company in the whole of central and west Africa.


“Specialist in rent and leasing, offers personalised solutions for vehicle,

machinery and industrial equipment use”


The company is centred in creating value for its clients by providing them simple and flexible rent and leasing packages.