Financial Services


Project Financial Services requires the valuation of a project in terms of equitey,debt, tax, legal requirement and risks associated

We provide Financial Services to a diversity of projects customizing it as per the requirements of the clients after a detailed assessment of their position in the market.

 “We provide a variety of Project Finance Services for Projects development.

We work towards providing optimum project funding”

Design, negotiation and implementation of financing structures

Capacity to structure financing for a wide variety of projects and international transactions with strong focus on emerging markets:


“We work with our customers on conventional loans, export credit facilities and multilateral funding to guarantee projects financial resources until completion”

Evaluation of financial and economic risks on projects, exposure monitoring.

Build payment instruments such as letters of credit adapted to the project requirements to ensure access to prime suppliers and customers.

Optimize use of project working capital by assessing and managing means of payment, discounting with financial institutions certified by client work in progress.

Hedge foreign exchange risks; mitigate transfer or convertibility risks of the currency.

Bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects

As available funding from the traditional sources and capacity in the public sector to implement many projects at one time remain limited, governments have found that partnership with the private sector is an attractive alternative to increase and improve the supply of infrastructure services.


Working with the right private partner having the technical expertise,

  the management experience will open the door to alternative source of funding

and will consolidate access to new technologies”