Unicon Social Action

Everyone deserves a future

UNICON Social Actions have a mission to facilitate sustainable socio-economic development in Africa’s disadvantaged communities.


“We strongly believe in development through education”


Education is the most powerful and effective tool to empower people and transform lives.  It brings independence, innovation and prosperity.

Our actions also target the improvement of the quality of life, health care,  women´s and children´s conditions by providing opportunities to the community, generating employment, improving professional skills and labor conditions.

We created a sport program that provides children with training facilities and coaching, allowing them to develop confidence, athletic and leadership skills while discovering new sports.

We take pride in contributing to the revitalization of communities and to the well-being of its residents.

At the heart of the UNICON are many volunteers who are passionate about providing a chance for all in order to build stronger children, families, communities and leaders for Africa.