UNICON makes progress in Republic of Congo

UNICON Congo continues to make good progress in the construction works for the University Denis Sassou Nguesso in Kintele.

Upon completion of the design and feasibility and technical studies, the construction of the University Denis Sassou Nguesso in Kintele is successfully ongoing.


So far, UNICON Congo is managing the land movement, the development of fully-equipped compound facilities, as well as other required site facilities like: offices, industrial zone, precast and concrete plant which is already functioning correctly and larges warehouses with more than 4,000 m2, which provides services related to the logistic activities.

Furthermore the platforms, foundations, structure of the residences and education buildings, as well as the logistics and transport platform are well advanced.


The University will have capacity to host 30,000 students as it will attract students from all over the central Africa and beyond. It will provide them with education and contemporary training in several programs critical to the development and emergence of the regions, such as science, technology, energy and mines…

UDSN9 masterplan view1

UDSN 12_UB view1

UDSN 04_UB view3

The total built surface of the university complex is about 180,000 m2 and UNICON Congo expects development works are to be completed within 3 years.

 travaux_congo_unds5  travaux_congo_unds4  travaux_congo_unds3  travaux_congo_unds2



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