Residential Complex

Residential Complex

Its main use is residential, even though it also lodges an equipment and other service zone. The residential zone consists of a total of 1,348 houses. In this we find a large diversity of typologies and sizes:

– 70 Villas
– 466 detached houses
– 116 semi detached houses
– 120 terraced houses
– 576 flats

All these are integrated in a harmonious way with the nearby surroundings, generating great natural spaces in the whole sphere of the sector.

The equipment zone Composes the house club with sports pitches, infant park and swimming pool that in turn is linked to a 3-18 hole golf course. Furthermore two small social clubs exist in the outskirts of the estate that service the most specific areas.

The service area satisfies the basic needs of residents and visitors with their great commercial centre, 10 office buildings, a conference centre and a hotel: As a final complex, the school centre contributes to education and the care of resident children and neighbours of the complex.


Residential complex and businesses composed of:

  •  Residential area:

244,8 Ha, 1,348 houses.


  •  Recreational area:

House club with restaurant, games room, pub, multi purpose room, gymnasium, kids park, sporting tracks, swimming pool, 2-18 hole golf course and social clubs.


  •  Service areas:

*Commercial centre: (20 Ha) with commercial outlets, cinemas, restaurants, hypermarkets, petrol station, 1,316 parking spaces.

*Corporate centre (16,8Ha):

– 10 office buildings of 3 heights
– Conference centre
– 80 room hotel

*Educative centre (10,6 Ha)

– 6 children’s education classrooms for 120 pupils
– 12 primary education teaching classrooms for 240 pupils
– 12 secondary institute classrooms for 240 pupils

The classes are organized around a central patio, a café and library, Information Technology classrooms, workshops, assembly hall and sports installations that complete the services.



Type of service offered: Project design international tender

Project dimensions: 326,6 Ha